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In Acts 2:42 we read that the believers "...devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." At Christ's Church we desire to build our Adult Small Groups on that model. You'll find friendly faces and other people who want to study the Word of God in a relaxed, informal setting. And you'll find people who will walk with you as together we seek to follow Jesus through life!



Fall Leaves

 January 2023 SMALL Groups Begin Week of Jan. 8!
Most Groups Studying the Book of Haggai,
using a video-based series by Dave Cornes
RightNow Media

(unless noted otherwise)

Haggai photo.png

Other studies: 


-Acts of the Apostles, w/ video by Louie Giglio (for those ages 18-35),

led by Anthony Olguin (see info below)


-The Engagement Project, w/ video by Del Tackett (room for 10), led by Don and Terry Bullock (see info below)

*Note: This course is not about marriage; it's about engaging our culture with the Good News

we believe! 


List of Groups:


Sunday Night Small Group 

(No childcare available)

Leaders: Don and Terry Bullock

Host home: Don and Terry Bullock, 603 Tierra Berrendo Dr.

6:00 pm (*Starts Jan. 15th and runs for 10 weeks)

Special Topic: The Engagement Project, w/ video by Del Tackett


Monday Night Small Groups 

(No childcare available)

Leaders: Ron and Mary Lethgo

Assistant leader: Barbara Spalding

Host home: Ron and Mary Lethgo, 200 E. 22nd, #30

5:30 pm

Leader: Anthony Olguin
Host home: Christ's Church Youth & Children's Center

6:30 pm

Special Topic: Acts of the Apostles, w/ video by Louie Giglio



Wednesday Afternoon Small Group (1:30 p.m.)

(No childcare available)

Leader: Kathy Parsons

Host home: Christ's Church, Room 8



Wednesday Night Small Groups (6:30 p.m)

(Childcare available-children can be dropped off at 6:15 pm)

Leaders: Bob Link and Ryan Perry

Assistant leader: Jason Woodland

Host home: Christ's Church lobby, near the fireplace

Leader: Domingo Alonso 

Assistant leader: Ryan Lewis

Host home: Domingo and Veronica Alonso, 3307 Bandolina Drive

Leaders: JP and Bianca Cheney

Assistant leaders: Troy and Gayle Thompson

Host home: Trace and Kammy Hellums, 1507 E. Berrendo Rd.

Leaders: Mike and Pam Jackson

Assistant leaders: Jim and Cheryl Williams

Host home: Rotates (Call church office for info, 575-623-4110)


Leaders: Nathan and Jill Cornil

Assistant leaders: Derek and Julie Washichek

Host home: Jim and Pam Schultz, 1901 W. 4th


Leaders: Mark and Kelly Taylor and Daniel and Heather Fuller 

Host home: Daniel and Heather Fuller, 3105 Mission Arch Drive

Leaders: Chuck and Linda Coll

Host home: Christ's Church, Room 10




Small groups



Design for Discipleship
The Navigators
Led by Randy Wagner and Gary Oldfield
Room 10, Main Bldg.
Believer's Authority
Based on the book by Kenneth Hagin, led by Pat and JeanieWhite and Joyce Pinkerton - Room 8, Main Bldg.
The Gospel of John
A study of John's Gospel, led by Jerry and Cherryl Andrews - Room 7, Main Bldg.
Apologetics (For Youth Grades 7-12)
 A youth Bible study on the reasons we believe what we believe, led by Jorge Muniz- Ascension Classroom in Youth & Children's Center 
315 Kids (For grades 1-6)
School of Disciples Room in the Youth & Children's Center
Spark Servant Leadership Program (For grades 5 and 6)
JAM (5th-6th Grade) Room in the Youth & Children's Center
315 Li'l Kids (For birth- Kinder)




Men's Ministry

See the "Local Outreaches" 
and "Adult/Family Mission Trips" page under MISSIONS to see what the men's ministry is doing, and join us!


Christ’s Church Women’s Ministry is committed to empowering women on their journey with Jesus to be established in His identity, rooted in intimacy with Jesus, bonded together as an inclusive sisterhood and equipped to serve others in her anointing and giftings.



Seniors are special people at Christ's Church. These are individuals who are ages 65 and older. We understand that our older saints bring wisdom, understanding and knowledge to the Body of Christ that our younger saints have not yet acquired.

There is a special relationship between our seniors and our children in grades 5 and 6.

Judy Smyth, leader of the JAM 56 (5th & 6th grades), coordinates activities yearly that brings these two groups together.


For more information, contact the church office, 623-4110.





When we find ourselves at a crossroad in our lives, very often we are not sure which path will lead to a brighter future. The Crossroad Ministry team of volunteers will respectfully, compassionately and prayerfully assist each person seeking guidance in the areas of shelter, career development, employment opportunities and spiritual encouragement. 


Jesus said, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:37).  If you would like to volunteer as part of our Crossroad team, or if you think we may be able to assist you at a crossroad in your life, please call our church office at 575-623-4110 to schedule an appointment.

Are your bills stacking up? Do you need help making a budget?
Christian Financial Counseling is an organization of financial professionals providing a confidential service, making a difference in our community.
There is help and it's just a phone call away.
The best's FREE! No strings attached. No sign-up fees.
For an appointment, please call Christ's Church at 575-623-4110
or send an e-mail to Kelly Bradshaw:  

Begin the process to relieve that stress in your life!

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