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God is such a great gift-giver! 
He is generous, and He is love.  
And that is why we do "Gifts of Love!"

Gifts of Love is a ministry that provides children from all over Roswell with new clothes and toys for Christmas.  The goal is for families to see God's love and generosity through these gifts in their time of need.

Gifts of Love has given gifts to over 1000 children over the last 8 years.   In every year so far, each child has received a new shirt, pants, shoes, jacket, and at least 3 toys!  We hope that donations this year will enable us to do the same for each child again this year! 

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A Cooperative Effort!

This year is especially exciting because Family Life Radio has partnered with Christ's Church to let more of Roswell know they can join this effort by dropping off clothes and toys at drop locations around Roswell.


Because of this partnership, Christ's Church is joined this year by 7 other non-profits that will also nominate  families so we can reach more families for Jesus.


Nominations are only done by church staff, non-profit staff, and church members.  This way families aren't just receiving gifts at Christmas and then forgotten.


They are now connected to people that care about them, that can give them support when they need it, guidance when they are searching, and a community of believers to grow with!  

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How you can help!

You can drop a NEW toy for a child 0-17 years old until Dec. 6!

Drop Locations:

Christ's Church 

2200 N Sycamore 


Gateway Church and Christian School

1900 N Sycamore 

Waymaker Church

202 S Sunset

Harvest Ministries Food Bank

601 N Main

Roswell Homeless Coalition Thrift Store

221 E Wildy

Chaves County Pregnancy Resource Center

2003 S Main

Sheer Delight

307 S Main


Legos, Nerf Guns, Arts and Crafts, Play Makeup, Dolls and Doll clothes, Stuffed Animals, RC cars, Hot Wheels, and Balls


How and when do families get their gifts?

Nominations are closed November 8, gifts will be collected until Dec. 6, and then toys and clothes will be matched to children's requests by volunteers.  Finally, the week of Dec. 13, all families will be given the opportunity to either attend a church service, pick up their gifts at a specified location, or have their gifts delivered to their home. All families will be contacted prior to Dec. 13 to coordinate their gift distribution.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17

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